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Native American Languages and Cultures

Im Moment werden auf Reddit im Sub r/AskHistorians zwei Karten problematisiert, die National Geographics zur Diskussion gestellt hat:

How accurate are these National Geographic maps of Native North America? (One linguistic, one more broadly cultural)

In response to this wonderful answer by /u/retarredroof, @NatGeoEducation contacted us on Twitter with a request! They have a couple of maps of linguistic and cultural boundaries in pre-imperial North America that they’ve opened up for critique.

The first delineates linguistic groups:

“This pretty map is among our most popular resources, but also one of the most criticized. We’d love to have an analysis of why/if the map is problematic.”

The second is meant to show cultural distinctions:

“We actually have another map (Native American cultures, not linguistic groups) that is easily the most contentious one that teachers use. I’d love to submit that for a reaction or analysis!”

Thanks, friends!

Für das DH-Seminar zur Erschließung von Loskiels Nordamerikamission sind beide Ressourcen wertvoll, auch wenn man die kritische Diskussion nachvollziehen muss.


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